Every individual seeking disability retirement benefits from Ohio’s public pension funds is going through an unfamiliar and very complicated process.  There are published laws and rules for each pension fund, but there are many unpublished policies and procedures that, if not followed, will at the very least delay the time it takes to have your application approved and at worst will cause your application to be denied.   It is important that you have access to advice that will allow you to avoid these dangers.

Disability Assistance LLC is a consulting company offering a comprehensive service that takes an applicant from the beginning to the end of the disability pension application process.  However, for those individuals that need advice but cannot afford to obtain our full range of services, Disability Assistance offers an affordable alternative called the Essential Service Plan.  This plan provides you with valuable advice that can be used to strengthen your case for a disability retirement pension.  It includes the following services:

–          Review of your medical records for the purpose of providing a recommendation as to which records should be included in your application.

–          A written analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of these records and suggestions for additional steps that can be taken in order to improve your application.

–          Two separate 20-minute telephone consultations with one of our consultants to answer your questions as you pursue your application.

Receiving services under the Essential Service Plan is simple:

–          Simply call us at (800) 354-2592 or complete this form.  If you submit the form, we will contact you within 24 hours (or on the next business day following a weekend or holiday).

–          Submit a payment in the amount of $895 either by sending a check made payable to Disability Assistance LLC or by contacting us to provide your credit card information.   Return  a signed copy of our contract for services (click here) by fax, regular mail, or by e-mailing it to kelly@disabilityohio.com.

–          Fax, mail or e-mail us copies of all medical records that you believe are relevant to your disabling medical conditions, which will be held with strict confidentiality.

–          Within two weeks after our receipt of all of these items, Disability Assistance will complete its reviewof your records and provide you with a written analysis of your case.

Contact us today.  You will only go through the disability retirement process once… Why risk doing it alone?