When you are going through the process of securing your disability pension, this is no time to go it alone. You want representation that has extensive experience in this field. Unlike other representatives that are involved with Ohio’s public pension systems only to support other business interests, Disability Assistance is dedicated to providing this single service. An injured or disabled worker has one chance to obtain benefits that have been earned over many years of employment. While an individual will only go through the disability pension process once, Disability Assistance has been through it on a daily basis for the past 25 years.

Disability Assistance has been such a strong advocate for the injured worker because it has adhered to a number of guiding principles. First, the best interests of the client are of the utmost importance. We will not represent a disabled worker unless we are confident that we will be successful in securing benefits based on the information that the worker provides. Second, we always comprehensively prepare and organize applications with Ohio’s public pension funds in a manner that presents the strongest evidence in support of the worker’s request and relies on documentation that verifies the medical necessity for the pension benefit. And last but not least, we keep the client informed and prepared during every step of the process.

Here are just some of the advantages that we can provide:

  • Access to a vast network of professionals to objectively evaluate your disability pension claim
  • Links to medical, legal, and financial professionals that can assist you and your family with the
  • transition into early retirement
  • Professionally prepared disability pension benefit applications that clearly support the worker’s
  • request and enhance the probability of securing and maximizing benefits
  • Coordination of medical exams with specialized physicians and collection of all necessary medical
  • data in support of your claim
  • Direct communication with pension fund representatives on your behalf
  • Representation before the pension boards in appeals of any unjustified disability award decision
  • Unsurpassed knowledge of Ohio’s public pension systems