Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund (OP&F) Members

Disability Assistance has represented over 1,600 individuals who have received disability pension benefits, over one-half of which were police officers or firefighters.

About the OP&F Disability Pension Application Process:

  • OP&F is the only public pension fund in Ohio that has the right to increase or decrease the amount of a disability retirement pension based upon the severity of an injury or disability.  Therefore, including the proper information in the application is critical to maiximizing benefits.
  • OP&F has the ability to reduce the amount of a disability pension if it determines that the disabled individual is readily employable in another job outside of police or fire protection service.  There are a number of factors that the pension fund weighs to make this determination.  A failure to understand the rules for making this decision can have a devastating effect on disability pension awards.
  • The average age of the recipient of a disability pension for a police officer is 45 and for a firefighter is 48.
  • Conditions that are the basis for a disability pension may be psychological as well as physical.  In fact, a great number of police officers and firefighters suffer from at least some emotional distress due to the nature of their jobs.

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