School Employees Retirement System of Ohio (SERS) Members

Disability Assistance has represented over 1,600 individuals who have received disability pension benefits, and has secured hundreds of pensions from SERS.

About the SERS Disability Pension Application Process:

  • There are different rules for disability pension benefits based on when a worker began paying into the SERS system.
  • An individual that receives disability pension benefits from SERS is permitted to work another job and earn money in addition to his or her pension.  There are strict rules, however, regarding the type of job that the individual may work.
  • There are a large number of SERS members that file for diability pension benefits each year.  The physical nature of many jobs perfromed by SERS members makes them very susceptible to disabling injuries.
  • Conditions that are the basis for a disability pension may be psychological as well as physical.
  • Disability pensions may be awarded for injuries or disabling conditions occurring off of the job as well as on the job.

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